Catastrophic Plan

The power to customize your benefits and save money! 

Pairing catastrophic coverage with a Preventative or Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan brings you freedom and savings to your health plan.  You gain the ability to choose the coverage that works best for your health needs, additional control over your health care and manage risks.  We have found that group health sharing is an effective way to prepare for catastrophic events for your health.


Group Health Share

A group health share is a community of like minded people pooling money for medical expenses.  With Planstin, membership in a group health share at Sedera Health has never been easier.  We help facilitate the process so can enjoy the benefits that are right for your company.

Monthly Rates

Monthly Rates $1000 IUA*
Employee Only $166
Employee + Spouse $386
Employee + Children $328
Employee + Family $520
Employee Only Under 30 $133
Employee + Spouse Under 30 $341
Employee + Children Under 30 $279
Employee + Family Under 30 $468
*Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) is the amount a member pays out-of-pocket on a per Need/Incident basis before it is fully shared with the community.
NOTE: Tobacco users should include an additional $45 monthly.