Catastrophic Plan

The power to customize your benefits and save money! 


Group Health Share

What is a health share?

A health share is a community of like minded people pooling money for medical expenses.  By joining a health share you obtain financial protection against catastrophic medical expenses.  Health shares are not insurance and that is why it works so well.

Initial Unsharable Amount

$1,000 IUA*

*The Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) is the amount a member pays out-of-pocket on a per Need/Incident basis before it is fully shared with the health share community.

Member Information

See Sedera Health's member guidelines

Monthly Rates
Age Over 30 Under 30
Employee Only $166 $133
Employee + Spouse $386 $341
Employee + Children $328 $279
Employee + Family $520 $468

Additional Tobacco charge of $45 monthly.