Leverage 401(k)

Planstin has made it easy to offer a retirement plan for your employees. This attractive benefit isn’t just for big companies anymore, with a 401(k) you can attract top talent, retain employees and save on taxes.


Fully Managed

Administering a 401(k) has never been easier. Busy-work, data-entry errors and endless forms are virtually eliminated with 401GO’s automated platform. Automation leads to efficiency and efficiency leads to savings.


Plan Options

We have a handful of plan design options giving you the flexibility you need to run your business. Please download the plan design guide for more information.

In addition to the simplicity of setting up a 401(k) plan your company will have access to investment options from Vanguard, Fidelity and Dimensional Funds.


Straightforward and transparent pricing with no minimums.

$0 setup fees
$9 per participating employee per month


Getting Started

Get Setup Today!

With our efficient company setup and employee enrollment process, your benefits can be set in minutes!